Teal & Joyce release new CD, “HAS IT ALL BEEN SAID…” and the answer is “NO” … They STILL have LOTS to say!

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It has been seven years since the release of their last CD but this new offering proves they have not been idle. In fact they’ve outdone themselves this time with 14 original tracks covering topics from serious  issues to seriously funny!

Has It All Been Said…” extols artists to produce at the top of their game and challenges…
Has it all been said before?
Throw your painting on the pile
Is your masterpiece a bore?
Does it make us think or smile?…

Produced, recorded and engineered by the Jason LaPrade and Teal & Joyce the CD has a lyrical full colour spectrum of emotions and topics…
From singing the blues about climate change…
The weather is the news
The news is the weather
Someplace gettin’ drier
Someplace gettin’ wetter
No matter what you say it ain’t getting better…Bad weather

Seeing red about greed & false values…
How do you really want to spend your short time?
Making dreams for a future or scrapping for a dime
What’s the medicine you’re looking for?
We’re all leaving through the same damn door

To the indigo poignancy of…
Will You Go Gentle?  Written prior to the passing of Carol’s father, it speaks of love and loss, sorrow and acceptance.
Will you go gentle?
Gentle into that good night
Will you put up a fight?
Will you say it’s alright?
Go gentle into that good night…

But it’s not all serious and sober! Teal and Joyce are most renowned for their light-hearted look at life, love and human foibles…
Like womens’ rights to bear Power Tools
Girl, What do you need when you’re all alone?
What do you need when you’re on your own?
You think you need a man, well, don’t be a fool
All you really need are power tools…

Join them in their celebration of song to make this a memorable, magical afternoon. Please come join in, sing along and celebrate their joyful renderings and if you’d like. . .
Raise a glass to the friends that are near you
Toast the ones who have left you too soon
Let’s slow down the pace and get out of the race
By drinking in the afternoon…

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Video: “Power Tools” “Bad Weather” “One Less Kitty”

“Their songs are smart, funny, powerful and always engaging. I’ve been absolutely enthralled each time I’ve heard Carol and David perform.”              Katherine Wheatley

“Teal and Joyce are excellent partners in life and music. Carol writes engaging, interesting songs… She can just as easily touch your heart as your funny-bone. David is a solid, soulful guitar player with a very strong sense of melody and harmony. Together they shine. With a great rapport and warmth, always making musical magic…” Wendell Ferguson

“Has It All Been Said” joins the duo’s previous albums, 2005’s “Some Things You Do For Love,” and 2000’s “Simple Pleasures.” All CD’s can be purchased online at CD Baby and as digital downloads at CD Baby or itunes.
Check out some of their songs here:

“Carol and David write well-crafted songs that will make you laugh as well as stop and think about your place in the world…”    Nancy Dutra, Singer Songwriter

Teal & Joyce: Has It All Been Said
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